Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lucky for you...

My navel isn't that interesting. That, and there comes a point when I just have to laugh at myself and how silly I can get. Then I smack myself upside the head and say, 'Snap out of it! It's a fricking blog for crying out loud. It isn't dying of cancer or being blown up by an Islamofascist. Get real, girl.'

I am happy to announce I am over myself now.

Here are a few things I found interesting this evening, I hope you will, too.

My reaction to the news that the Bali Bombers had faced their firing squad? "Sweet". Visit El Marco (h/t LGF) and check out his moving photo essay and tribute to the victims. Take a look at the long list of names and countries engraved on the memorial and ask yourself why all of these countries aren't doing everything in their power to stop these Islamoterrorists.

Keeping it all in the family. Obama asks ma-in-law to move into the White House with them. First Granny they're calling her. Meanwhile, Auntie Z's lawyer says Obama's Aunt can't walk - Dinah says maybe so, but she sure was able to run from her deportation order! Margaret Wong, the lawyer handling her case, said Ms Onyango could be barred from reentering for three to ten years if she left the US now. She needed to stay for medical care because she could not walk. “She has to go in a wheelchair but because of her pride she tries to give the impression that she can walk,” she said. No doubt medical care that will be paid for by you and me... Auntie Z has fled to Cleveland to stay with ANOTHER Obama relative, a preacher. Is the next thing going to be Auntie Z seeking sanctuary in the sanctuary of his church ala Elvira Arellano?

Speaking of low-down, lazy freeloaders and the countries that enable them with their lax immigration policies...Remember the Somali Muslims fired for praying on the job at the JBS Swift plant in Greeley, CO? Well, you had to see this one coming. Now, they're the first ones standing in line for with their hands out for "heating assistance". Figures.

Barack the hot new name for Future Freeloaders of America... Decontee Williams was so excited by Barack Obama’s victory on Tuesday night that she started jumping up and down — and went into labor. Twelve hours later, Barack Jeilah was born at Phoenix Baptist Hospital to Ms. Williams and Prince Jeilah. The baby was 8 pounds 9 ounces and had a full head of hair. “I love Barack Obama, and I love the name,” said Ms. Williams, 31, who came to the United States as a refugee from Liberia in 2003. “In Africa, we call it a blessing. That is a good name.”... Nuff said.

File this under Modern Moonbattery: Rothko art hung wrong way around in exhibition. (And there are no plans to change it.)

Now, to clear that nasty taste of moonbat from your mouth. Read about Sgt. Tyson Two Two: Tribe honors returning Marine.

"Sgt. Tyson Two Two stood on a war blanket provided by his family, a traditional Northern Cheyenne Tribe war bonnet perfectly complementing his dress blues, as drummers and singers welcomed him home. Saturday afternoon in the baggage claim lobby of Billings Logan International Airport, Two Two, 24, a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, was welcomed home from a seven-month tour in Iraq by about 50 family members and friends from the Northern Cheyenne reservation. "

"Two Two's father, Vince Two Two Sr., said the war blankets are handed down in families and given to returning warriors to help ward off bad dreams from war demons and comfort them while they sleep. The war bonnet, he said, helps usher in change. "We know them as soldiers when they go in (to war)," Vince Two Two explained. "When they come back, they are warrior-soldiers."

God bless the United States and our brave warrior-soldiers.
Read the full article here and watch the slide show here. Bring a hanky.