Monday, April 30, 2007

Hey Tourists and Nancy Pelosi! You're included in Iran's fashion crackdown.

We hear San Fran Nan might be firing up her big jet (Carbon footprint be damned!) to head off to Tehran. She better be paying attention. Remember Richard Gere, after all:

From Iran Focus:
Tourists not exempt in Iran dress crackdown: police

Iran on Monday warned tourists and other foreigners visiting the country to obey its Islamic dress code in line with a nationwide crackdown against slack dressing, the ISNA news agency reported. "We have asked travel agencies to warn tourists and to explain the laws of this country," said Tehran's deputy chief of police, Hossein Sajedi-Nia. Iran has handed out more than 10,000 warnings over the past 10 days to women deemed to have infringed the dress code in the Islamic republic, and dozens of others have been briefly detained at police stations. Sajedi-Nia indicated there was no chance of a let-up in the crackdown, a regular pre-summer measure being pursued with extra vigour this year, saying that from next week "plain clothes police will go into action." Women must cover their heads and conceal their curves in public in Iran. The law also applies to members of non-Muslim minorities and all visiting foreigners.

Oh really?
The head of Iran's police force, Esmaeel Ahmadi-Moghadam, said that the crackdown on clothing was not a temporary measure and would continue for the sake of personal security for women. "At the moment, women are unable to go in peace to public baths, swimming pools or hotels," he said, referring to an acknowledged problem in Iran where women are often secretly filmed and photographed without their knowledge.