Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reaction: Iran's fashion victims.

Original photo removed at the request of Maryam Majd. Photo still available at Kamangir

Kamangir, an Iranian living in Canada, talks about the crackdown in Iran against impure women who dare show three strands of hair or wear jeans without benefit of a sleeping bag over them.

It was clear that Police brutality in enforcing Islamic covering would cause objection and protest by the general body of blogestan. What was not so clear was that the more conservative bloggers would also rise against it.

He cites 'Kouroush' who offers this observation:
I don’t know who has mandated the veil in this general and inclusive form. Neither in history nor in the life of the prophet you hear anything about this. Even if the veil is mandatory, which is not, it is not so inclusive. Furthermore, I don’t know how they infer that the veil is mandatory…They refer to Quran and the scholars. I have read the same books and I have not found any trace of the veil in either Quran or the life of the prophet.

Blogger Malukut is not so sanguine.
I just saw
the footage of Police attacking a girl whom to their understanding is immodest. She is screaming that she is not going with them. The policewomen pull her to put her in the car. She screams. Sad people gather around. Everyone is watching the scene and no one can do anything. It ruined my night. I had never scene anything more annoying that this. They are treating her as if she is a murders. This is not a rumor or a fake video. I am sure every Iranian has seen such a scene in person. Let’s think this is the only instance this has happened. Let’s think by pure chance this only time is also taken on a video and is surfaced. This very event is enough to destroy the reputation of the Police and the regime. I know that the administration does not care. I am writing these to heal my own feelings…Religion, morality, and fear of God is dead in this country…They have killed the God and they have made themselves the God.

He closes by adding this:

“they have changed God’s message and have turned it into this horrible thing”.