Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Speaking of San Fran Nan...

No scarf boy in sight in this pic.

How would you like to be her scarf boy?

I kid you not. I was just watching FNC footage on Brit Hume that shows Nancy and her posse coming out of the White House to speak to the press

(Is it me, or do you think W took Pelosi Galore and Dingy Harry to the woodshed? I can only pray that to be the case. )

Anyways Nancy strolls out to the Rose Garden wearing some purple color pant suit. Very Armani-esque late 80's - early 90's look. The silhouette is an Armani fave and one Nan seems to favor. Hides that thickness that comes with middle age. I know. I'm sure she hoped the purple color would make her look royal and regal and if I'm not mistaken she had stopped at the salon for a blow out. She was carrying a purple hijab -er scarf in her right hand.
She has gotten remarkably comfortable with the schmatta lately, hasn't she?

As she walked, you could see her looking around for her little staff member. Once she spied him she turned, and with a big smile at the camera, hurled the scarf/hijab in his direction. He caught it like a bridesmaid catches the bouquet at a wedding. The poor aide looked so freaking relieved to have caught it. You could sense his mental relief, practically see him wiping his brow to indicate a close call. I have a feeling the poor fool that drops Nancy's scarf is going to get his head handed to him.

Off to Youtube to see if I can find it. No luck at Fox, Yahoo, Google. Boo.