Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ms. Pelosi: After a hard day getting pwned at the office

Scott over at Town Commons has been busy today. He found this excellent New Republic piece by Lawrence Kaplan, calling it "possibly the most comprehensive, eloquent and accurate criticism of the Democrat positions on the Iraq war" that he has ever seen.

And I am tending to agree with him.

This snippet from the article just screamed to me of La Pelosi...

Where all this leads is clear. Piece together a string of demonstrably false "facts on the ground" from a suitably safe remove, and you're left with a scenario where we can walk away from Iraq without condition and regardless of consequence. You don't need to watch terrified Iraqis pleading for American forces to stay put in their neighborhoods. You don't need to read the latest National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, which anticipates that a precipitous U.S. withdrawal will end in catastrophe. Why, in the serene conviction that things are the other way around, you don't even need to read at all. Chances are, your congressman doesn't either.

Remember this? "La Pelosi: I have a certain serenity about it all, I really do."