Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Scaredy Cat Stevens: Nervous of Beards

but it makes him LOOK so 'masculine' and 'virile'. From AKI:
British-born former pop star Cat Stevens, who changed his name to Yusuf Islam when he became a Muslim, has confessed that beards can be scary. "Even I get nervous when I see someone with one! If I don't know who that person is," said the bearded singer and activist, quoted by independent music and entertainment website,

'Some of these people I know them...':

He worries facial hair on young Muslim males has in recent years become unfairly associated with terrorism, admitting: "It's true that some beards look a bit frightening. Some of these people, I know them, they look ferocious. The beard happens to give a masculine look, a more virile appearance, but what goes on behind it, well, I'm an example, if you listen to my music. Yes I had a beard as Cat Stevens but now I have grown wiser and my beard is longer," he said.

Here's what Fullosseous Flap's Dental Blog and The Jawa Report had to say about that knowing 'some of these people' back in November 2006.