Sunday, June 17, 2007

Out of Africa - Somalia

Danish sailors kidnapped off Somali coast doing well. Although really - how well would YOU be if YOU were kidnapped by Muslim pirates?

40 Sheiks apprehended in Mogadishu. "Frog-marched" them out of the mosque, too. (The only time I've ever seen frog marched in a sentence without Karl Rove in it.)

On Friday there was a grenade attack on a Somali cinema. 5 people were killed, 9 injured. 'Eyewitnesses say the video hall, known to have shown films that have had naked scenes, was packed with people."

Russ Feingold speaks. I wonder, how do you say yadda-yadda-yadda in Somali?

Somalia Islamists show missile in video. No doubt they were aiming it at a UN aid plane or something. That's the Religion of Peace for ya.