Friday, March 28, 2008

Seething and Friday Fatwas

Sri Lanka:

The Council of Europe representing the Muslims in Europe as well as Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaath delegation in Sri Lanka that met the Netherlands Ambassador in Colombo condemned the Dutch right-wing MP Geert Wilders' 15-minute film on the Qur'an as offensive and a distortion of Islam.

The Dutch officials cowered and offered up Geert Wilders as a human sacrifice to the ire of their Moslem overlords.

Moreover, if his action damages the feeling of other religions as well as if it breaches the law of the nation, he will be prosecuted according to the law prevailing in the country, the Ambassador stated.


Egypt's Grand Imam and Fatwa King calls Fitna 'a provocative act and warns of severe consequences' to his Sunni buddies at Friday prayers, after he sang a different tune to the Dutch delegation that came crawling on their bellies in the dirt to see him this past week.

The Imam claimed Wilders "betrayed a deep ignorance about Islam" and invited him to come for a nice little visit to learn the true meaning of Islam. Sounds like an invitation to a necktie party to me.

I don't want to play the 'deep ignorance card or anything here, but... It is important to note that this Imam and Fatwa King is the same Imam and Fatwa King that has just decreed that Mentally Ill Muslims may wed - as long as they know their mate is mental, that is. Unh-huh.

Full Fatwa found beneath the Fold...

Mentally disabled Muslims may marry as long as their prospective partners are made aware of their condition, Sunni Islam’s main seat of learning Al Azhar said yesterday.

The approval comes provided “the other party is aware of the state of their mental health and doctors do not have concerns about the marriage,” the Egypt-based Al Azhar research centre was quoted as saying by official news agency MENA.

The announcement was made at a meeting chaired by the grand imam of Al Azhar, Mohamed Sayed Tantawi.