Thursday, June 14, 2007

Diary of a Mad Jihadi

From the Beeb: They fought in court to gain release of the name of Zeeshan Anis Siddiqui - one of the 6 jihadis who have "absconded from UK anti-terrorism control orders".

Diary of a Mad Jihadi...

Cold, alone and suffering from terrible diarrhoea, Zeeshan Anis Siddiqui's dream of being a heroic warrior in the name of God, was faltering.

"The greatest tests are truly to be soon alleviated and the greatest rewards will be given to those who bore them with patience only for the sake of Allah," he comforts himself.

No running water, dreadful food and terrible neighbours who live in "filth". Just another day in the utterly miserable existence of a would-be British jihadi who had given up the creature comforts of London surburbia to rough it in one of the poorest parts of Pakistan.

This was particularly poignant....Hah!

"I'm covered in shit and there ain't a drop of water. Only Allah knows the suffering I am going thru."