Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hundreds of Boys rescued from Somali Mosque


Mogadishu mayor, Mohammed Dheere, told journalists last week that a joint Ethiopian and Somali military operation to hunt down remnants of the routed Islamists facilitated the seizure of one thousand young boys in the mosque.

"We rescued 1,000 young boys, most of them under the age of 16 from the Islamists. They have told us they were trained to be suicide bombers.

Anyway we will release them once their parents contact us," he said.

Trained suicide bombers released to their Islamist parents. That's so nice of them. (/sarc off)

The Zanzibar connection - 5 of the rescued boys were refugees from Zanzibar. Listen to the money quote from one of their family members:

Mohammed Aden, a brother of one of the Zanzibars, said his fellow countrymen were learning the holy Quran in the mosque. "They had nothing to do with fighting or terrorism. They were simply studying the holy Quran as freebie," he said.

(/sarc on) Yeah, right.